Introduction of carton sealer

Kunba Carton Sealing Machine

As the leading company in packing machine industrial in China, we have achieved the fame by making excellent semi-automatic strapping machine.

Application(Carton Sealing Machine)

Tape carton sealing machine is mainly applied to carton packaging, can stand operational results, but also with supporting the use of pipeline, widely used in household machinery. textiles, foodstuffs, department stores,pharmaceuticals and chemicals industry.

The Working Principle Of Carton Sealing Machine

1.Carton sealing machine is affixed to the tape sealed cardboard box seal, fast and easy to adjust the economy, can be completed on a up and down sealing action, adopt the printing tape, but also improve product image.

2.The key part of the sealing machine is the drive motor, the larger the motor power is better. Light and durable. easy to operate.

kunba Carton Sealing Machine

Carton Sealing Machine

Applcation Area

Carton packaging machine application
Carton sealer machine simple
Carton sealing machine application
Carton packager application
Carton sealer machine application
Carton packaging machine simple