Double chamber operation is morre efficient

Product Introduction

Kunba Sealing Machine

As the leading company in packing machine industrial in China, we have achieved the fame by making excellent semi-automatic strapping machine. The brand KUNBA means the king of strapping in Chinese.

Application(Kunba Sealing Machine)

Applicable to the major industries oi" aluminum foil bags, plastic bags, composite bag sealing, The device has a solid seal, high efficiencyequipment has a handsome In appearance, advanced technology, low power consumption, easily operation and maintenan ce advantages.
Electronic constant temperature control, stepless speed regulation
Can seal different variety of material plastic bags

The Working Principle Of Sealing Machine

1.The horizontal continuous sealing machine is composed of a frame, an adjustment mechanism, a sealing temperature control system, a transmission conveying printing device and the like.

2.When the power is turned on, the heating element generates heat, causing the upper and lower heating blocks to rise sharply and adjusting the temperature and speed of the required sealing material through the temperature controller and the adjusting device.

3.Feeded into the cooling zone under the clamping of the sealing tape, and the knurling or printing wheel is rolled to make the sealing portion of the plastic bag roll out of the stripe or mesh, and print the required characters.

4.The conveying part of the sealing machine is a sealing belt, a guiding belt and a conveyor belt driven by an electric motor, all of which are synchronously operated.


Sealing Machine

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