Double chamber operation is morre efficient

Product Introduction

Kunba Vacuum Packaging Machine

The vacuum machine is made of all stainless steel and transparent plexiglass, making the packaging process clear at a glance. The utility model has the advantages of high vacuum degree, fast vacuum packaging speed, beautiful appearance, compact structure, high efficiency, simple operation and the use of the same size and the same machine. It is a wide range of vacuum packaging machines.

Application(Vacuum Packaging Machine)

1.The equipment can be widely used in food (bacon, native products, cooked food, dried meat, etc.), pharmaceuticals, electronics (semiconductors, circuit boards, electronic products, etc.), chemicals (solid, powder, paste, liquid, etc.) industry
2.Applicable to the packaging of small items such as currency and financial documents, vouchers, etc., its performance in terms of quality, preservation and extended product shelf life is also outstanding

The Working Principle Of Vacuum Sealer

Automatically complete vacuuming, printing, sealing, cooling and exhausting, simple operation, stable and reliable performance, complete functions, good sealing effect, wider application range, and more convenient maintenance and repair.

Vacuum Packaging Machine

Applcation Area