Vacuum packaging machine helps beef regional market restrictions

 With the improvement of people's living standards and the change of consumption concept, everyone's request for three meals is no longer only to enjoy the taste buds, and more and more tend to put nutrition and health in the first place. As the second largest meat food consumed by Chinese people, beef is second only to pork. It has high protein content, low fat content and delicious taste. It is very popular among people, so people's demand for beef is increasing.
        At present, the beef that is relatively easy to buy on the market is imported from Australia and New Zealand in addition to beef cultured in the Mainland. The northern Chinese grassland beef is more difficult to buy on the market. In the supply chain of imported beef, in addition to advanced factory management, the packaging and transportation of beef is an indispensable part, extensive use of advanced vacuum packing technology, and preservation of cold chain temperature control technology in transportation, to maximize Guarantee the quality of beef, extend the shelf life and shelf life of beef, so that imported beef will occupy most of China's market.
       However, imported beef is mainly based on freezing because of the long distance and difficult temperature control. In contrast, the grassland beef in northern China can provide consumers with fresher and higher quality products because of the shorter transportation distance, and it is more delicious and mellow in the cultivation of natural high quality grassland.

Then, occupying a larger market requires the cooperation of packaging machinery technology in addition to the technical support of air transport and cold chain transportation. Vacuum packaging machine, with vacuum lock technology, can not only extend the shelf life, facilitate long-distance transportation, but also give beef a beautiful and independent packaging, so that beef can be exported to all over the place, so that more people can taste the unique taste of fresh beef and Flavor.

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