The structure and use characteristics of the double chamber vacuum packaging machine

Composition structure

The double-chamber vacuum packing machine is composed of color screen touch, vacuum system, temperature control system, cooling system and inflation system. The electrical equipment such as PLC, control system, photoelectric switch and other electrical equipment of food vacuum packaging machine adopts world brand components, such as Japanese "OMEON", Taiwan "MCN", French "TE", etc. The mechanical technology design introduces Japanese technology, the design is reasonable, and the action is coordinated. High reliability, strong stability, reasonable price for small food vacuum packaging machine, programmable control (PLC), color screen touch operation, servo motor operation not only meets the requirements for preservation, but also can be stored for a long time. Electronic vacuum packaging machine By filling inert gas such as nitrogen, it can achieve better anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation and discoloration effect.

Uses and features

Uses and features: double-chamber vacuum packing machine is a small packaging machine for vacuum packaging. The machine has the advantages of superior functions, convenient maintenance, simple operation and wide application. Suitable for flexible packaging materials such as plastic composite thin wax or plastic aluminum foil bags, anti-static bags. Vacuum packaging of solid, liquid, powder, and paste electronic products, circuit boards, SMT patch trays, toys, tea, food, fruit, chemical products, electronic components, precision instruments, etc. The packaged product can prevent oxidation, mildew, corruption, moisture, and vibration, and can maintain the quality and freshness to extend the product storage period.
The vacuum machine uses plastic composite film or plastic aluminum foil composite film as packaging materials for various instruments, medicines, food, fruits, pickles, preserved fruits, aquatic products, native products, chemical raw materials, electronic components and military supplies. It can effectively prevent the corruption and deterioration of items caused by the oxidation of lipids and the reproduction of aerobic bacteria, and achieve the storage period of quality, freshness, taste and color preservation. At the same time, for some soft items, after vacuum packaging Reduce the packaging volume for easy transportation and storage.
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