The working principle of carton sealing machine

Principle of operation:   

    Container inlet: On the inlet conveyor platform, cylindrical containers are divided into multiple lanes by dividing plates and pneumatic vibrating rails, while single-entry containers with special shapes are divided into multiple lanes by a divider gate. Container divider: The container divider is driven by two servo motor drives to separate the containers gently and evenly. In order to handle unstable containers, such as five-claw PET bottles, transition bottle channels can be used between the conveyor chains. After the containers are grouped, they are pushed out by the push rod. Cardboard inlet: The cardboard is neatly stacked on the roller conveyor, and then automatically guided into the lifting paperboard storage located below the container inlet. The vacuum claw extracts the uppermost piece of cardboard from the lifting storage and places it horizontally on the cardboard inlet. Package forming device: The cardboard is transported under the container group, and both ends are folded by a mechanical device. The side cover is folded in by a rotating capper, and the nozzle is coated with hot melt and adhered to the bottom cover. The circulating sealing chain presses the bottom cover and takes the package through the wrapping machine. Then, the top cover is folded down and glue is applied to the sealing edge. Finally, the sealing chain closes the top cover from above. Since the packaging runs longitudinally and the bottom is already sticky at this time, the top cover can be glued very accurately.


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