The difference between vacuum sealing machine and vacuum packaging machine

I believe that everyone is familiar with the name of vacuum sealing machine and vacuum packaging machine. Many times we have asked whether we understand or buy products. So what is the difference between them? Do vacuum packaging machines and vacuum sealing machines refer to the same product?

Regarding the difference between the vacuum packaging machine and the vacuum sealing machine, we can think that there is no difference, and at the same time, we can also think that there is a difference. We only say this, mainly because we want to look at it from what angle analysis.

It is said that there is no difference, this is mainly because, whether it is a vacuum sealing machine or a vacuum packaging machine, it is said that the product is first vacuumed and then sealed and packaged. Therefore, whether it is an external pumping vacuum packaging machine, an internal pumping vacuum packaging machine, or a continuous vacuum packaging machine in the current market, it can be called a vacuum sealing machine and at the same time can be called a vacuum packaging machine.

There is a difference between the two. This is because, more often from a professional point of view, we generally think that the vacuum sealing machine should be vacuumed first and then sealed. In addition to this function, there should be direct sealing without vacuuming. Machine use, or an all-in-one machine that vacuums and then inflates and seals. As for the vacuum packaging machine, it mostly refers to the packaging machine that completes the vacuuming, sealing, and packaging processing in the vacuum chamber, which can achieve a better vacuuming effect and a more ideal packaging effect. Therefore, from this point of view, vacuum sealing machines generally refer to externally pumped vacuum sealing packaging machines, while vacuum packaging machines generally refer to internally pumped vacuum packaging machines.


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